Why does our Product Quality matter

When we consider a product offering for the Logical Line Marking range, there are several criteria the product must adhere to before it can be introduced. Our name brings a reputation of quality and capability within the QLD & NSW industry, so we are constantly striving to ensure the needs of our customers are met – every time. 

How do we do this daily? Well, there are a few ways…

Safety & Quality Management 

Take our concrete wheel stops, for example. Not only are they compliant with AS/NZS 2890.01:2004 – they’re also pre-cast so they go through quality assurance processes before leaving the warehouse. They are checked again before being taken to site and again, while they’re being installed by our highly trained team – easy!

Product Life

Our reputation fuels recommendations both online and in person so we make sure the products we are delivering are held to a higher standard. Most of our product offerings come with 5-Year warranties but we make sure to discuss the specifics of your requirements, prior to undertaking the service.

Listening to our customers

We are not afraid to ask our customers how we can improve our products and help them meet your needs. Our newest product comes in the form of our Recycled Wheel Stops, where we noticed a gap in the market offering for sustainable products. Not only do we now offer this range, but we are also helping the environment by reducing landfill & still offering high quality products. 

Evolving Product Cycle

We will never stop growing or looking for ways to offer more products that will suit our customer’s needs. Our transparency for evolving our products is one of the tools we use daily to create a reputation built on trust and reliability. With a tried and tested methodology, we will never offer a product or service that we haven’t meticulously quality assessed. What does this mean for our customers? Peace of mind that the products in our range come with our guarantee for the highest quality equipment available in the market.

At Logical Line Marking, no two days are the same which means our ability to adapt to specific requirements is all part of the package! By giving James a call to discuss your sites needs or maybe to offer advice on the products best suited to your area – he can organise an on-site consultation and walk you through the Logical process. 

It just makes sense!

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