Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the installation of safety solutions to slow, deter or redirect traffic. Traffic Calming solutions have become a tool which combat speeding and other unsafe behaviours of drivers. There are a variety of traffic calming strategies we can discuss and implement into your road or carpark. Traffic calming treatments cause drivers to change their driving patter, with the most common being to reduce their speed, speed humps, modified intersections, and many others. Traffic calming and threshold treatments should be self-explaining and self-enforcing. Traffic calming and threshold treatments provide an improved and safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, reduces traffic volumes on local roads and reduces speeds and reduced crash severity.  

Threshold Treatments

Threshold treatments are coloured and / or textured road surface treatments that contrast with the adjacent roadways. They aim is to alert drivers that they are changing driving environment using visual and tactical clues. Pedestrian threshold treatment crossings provide better accessibility and safety for pedestrians to cross and drivers to stay alert and aware of the change in environment. Raised threshold treatments do not change who has right of way at an intersection, but merely highlight the path of pedestrian movement and slow vehicle traffic at these intersections.


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