Top 5 Important Safety Tips by Logical Line Marking

It’s that time of year when road safety is more important than ever. People are travelling to reach their holiday, loved ones or even a quick weekend getaway. That doesn’t mean that our services stop so here are our top 5 safety tips when we are operating on busy roads

  • Wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment

 Proper safety equipment is worn by all Logical team members inside our designated working zone. Personal protective equipment (PPE) including hard hats, steel-toed boots, highly visible clothing, eye protection and, depending on the noise levels, hearing protection. This makes it easy for traffic and other site personnel to identify us on site.

  • Being aware of our surroundings

We avoid walking behind any vehicles that may be backing up or into the swing radius of heavy equipment. Whenever possible, we face traffic while inside the work zone or we have a spotter available when our back is turned.

  • Daily Site-Specific Meetings

In addition to ensuring that all Logical team members have the proper training required it is also a good idea to have a quick safety meeting before our work begins. This also a good time for us to ensure that all Logical Team members have and are wearing the proper PPE required.

  • Stay Hydrated

This one is so simple to forget but being a QLD based business, it can be very hot and humid on a good day! Even if water is falling from the sky – it’s just as important to make sure it’s being consumed constantly.

  • Plan & Prepare

Before very job, our team are briefed thoroughly on the work required, the location and the current works being performed on site. We make sure we are over prepared and ready to handle whatever the day throws our way.

Next time you are working on Tenders for your road infrastructure project, give our Logical Line Marking team a call to make sure all your bases are covered.

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