Spotlight on Safety: Carpark furniture!

We are unofficially the IKEA of Furniture for Carparks. For every twist and turn in a carpark, we take care of the ‘furnishings’ once the concrete is dry! So what does this look like & why is it important? Let’s have a look!

Carpark Line Marking

Well, this one is a no-brainer! It wouldn’t be a carpark without… carpark spaces? We measure the space, work on your plan, make recommendations and then get ourselves to work. Wheelchair Accessible markings? Done. Pram parking? Easy. Click & Collect spaces? Consider it done. Pedestrian walkways? Lock it in!

Wheel Stops

Once the cars have spaces to park, we need to make sure they don’t roll forward into the next space! We have recycled, concrete & standard wheel stops to suit your space. Our recycled wheel stops are made from 98% recycled plastics and AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 compliant with a 5-year warranty! Did we mention they’re made in Australia?

Height Clearance Bars

Avoid the traffic-jam of the century with our Height Clearance bars at every entrance into the underground carpark spaces. With easy-to-read height specifications, we can customise the text to suit your height clearance. To make it easier to read we make each bar powder coated yellow with reflective hazard markings.


STOP! Keep reading… Speed Signs, Stop signs, Pedestrian direction signs, Give Way signs… Anything that will help direct traffic or pedestrians safely around your carpark – we have you covered. We not only supply the signs, we also install them – it just makes sense!

Traffic Calming & Speed Bumps

While it’s unlikely that you’ll miss the speed indication sign, we like to throw in a heavy-duty speed bump (or two) just to make sure your carpark is as safe as possible. Our speed bumps are resistant to UV rays, moisture, oil & extreme weather conditions – which is basically something every carpark has an abundance of! If there is a shared pedestrian walkway, we can ensure its raised, clearly marked and flows perfectly through the space.

Safety Bollards

And finally, the last piece of the puzzle is preventing damage to the shop front by ensuring our surface-mounted bollards are in place. With safety yellow powder coating, our bollards are fully welded with a heavy steel base plate to ensure the maximum risk mitigation. 

Sadly, the only thing we can’t provide your carpark with is… cars. Everything else? We can do! All our products are held to the highest standards with a tried and tested model used throughout our range. 

If in doubt, give us a call on 1300 669 582 to organise a site consultation and let us use our expertise to make the best recommendations for your space. 

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