Our new and highly advanced long line truck

Logical Line marking has invested in the latest technology for our new long line road line marking truck.

The state of the art camera systems with video overlay (HDVO). The HDVO is an all-in-one striping assistant providing customizable guidance cross-hairs, multiple camera feeds, peripheral function control, and key operating information at a glance.

we have installed the Skip line Smart computer system which incorporates Spec-rite, The worlds leading management platform.

The platform has the following features:

  • Realtime updates with real-time performance tracking and truck location
  • Photos and Comments that give instant Geotagged photos of the job site
  • Waze alerts to help increase driver awareness
  • State of the art reporting and scheduling based on customised report templates to suit our customers requirements
  • Full material summaries with time, GPS stamped records and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity
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