Industry Updates

Commitment to sustainability with Reforest

Tree planting is a simple yet effective way for our company to become carbon neutral and contribute to the fight against climate change. By absorbing carbon dioxide, trees play a critical role in regulating the earths temperature and reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When a company  plants trees, it offsets

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Our new and highly advanced long line truck

Logical Line marking has invested in the latest technology for our new long line road line marking truck. The state of the art camera systems with video overlay (HDVO). The HDVO is an all-in-one striping assistant providing customizable guidance cross-hairs, multiple camera feeds, peripheral function control, and key operating information at a glance. we have

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Rubber Wheel Stops: What the media won’t tell you!

A priority for every car park should be to ensure the safety of the visitors. Cutting costs on wheel stops can be catastrophic for pedestrians, property, and vehicles. This is where Logical Line Marking comes in…  If the Australian standards are not met, it will diversely affect the strength and integrity of the wheel stop.

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Top 5 Important Safety Tips by Logical Line Marking

It’s that time of year when road safety is more important than ever. People are travelling to reach their holiday, loved ones or even a quick weekend getaway. That doesn’t mean that our services stop so here are our top 5 safety tips when we are operating on busy roads Wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment

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