How well do you know Logical Line Marking?

7 Things you should know about Logical Line Marking

It’s never too late to introduce ourselves (again), so we have put together a quick-read list as a reminder of who we are, what we do & why we do it so well.

1. We operate throughout the day AND night!

Nobody wants to close a busy road in peak hour traffic to freshen up a speed bump. Instead, we do it when it suits you.

2. We support other Australian businesses

In a conscious effort to support Australian businesses, we try and source a product range of Australian made products by Australian owned businesses.  

3. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment

If you read our last blog, we have just introduced 98% recycled Wheel Stops and that is just the beginning. We are always on the look-out for ways to reduce our footprint.

4. We do more than just Line Marking (Gasp!)

Line Marking, Epoxy Coatings, Threshold Treatments, Concrete repairs, Road and carpark signs, safety bollards, tactile indicators, warehouse safety line marking… The list goes on & on…

5. You can hear about us every morning on Triple M

104.5FM – catch us through-out your workday. 

6. We have been involved in some of the biggest Road projects in the last 5 years

Being a trusted name in the Line Marking industry, we make sure we only offer the highest quality workmanship on all our projects (no matter how big or small!).

7. We love a challenge!

 Have you got something you want to do but not sure how to do it? Call James to organise a site consultation and he can talk you through it.

In addition to the list above, we are always on the lookout for great people and interesting projects to be part of. We don’t believe in challenges, only solutions and we offer a one stop shop to make sure your job is as simple as possible. One order – one invoice. 

Logical Line Marking – It just makes sense!

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