Wheel Stops

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Direct and control all types of traffic with our Bollards, keeping pedestrians, vehicles and your carpark safe at all times. The installation of our bollards in your carpark are a great way to create effective barriers and boundary markers. Bollards are used to physically block vehicle invasion and to protect pedestrians and costly property from damaged caused by vehicles. Bollards are manufactures to withstand high impact collisions, bumps and scrapes you may find in your carpark. Bollards are available to accentuate and aesthetically stand out in their landscape. Our bollards are a great way to detour traffic, mark out designated areas from unwanted vehicles and guide traffic. The benefit of Bollards and their primary function is safety, they also offer privacy, physical safety, durability and complement the landscape in a decorative fashion. Bollards are extremely effective in keeping pedestrians separated from vehicles and protecting structures and buildings.  

160mm Surface Mount Bollard is a heavy duty protection bollard useful in areas where ram raids could be likely or where vehicles are travelling at varying speeds in the vicinity of buildings or other assets. 

Perfect for a range of entry points including to car parks and shopping centres 

When you strategically place these bollards they become the perfect deterrent to crime. The powder coat finish in safety yellow provides a durable finish. 

We can also supply Surface Mounted Bollards and in ground Bollard in different sizes so you can chose which one you require for your job 

Our wheel stops are a simple solution to protect property from damage whilst vehicles are being parked, in any type of car parking situation. Our Pre-Cast Concrete Car Wheel Stops are steel-reinforced, used for on-street parking to create a barrier for cars moving too far forward when parking. Wheel Stops are simple and effective to protect vehicles and property from damage while they are being parked. Wheel Stops are tough, unobtrusive and durable – making it a cost effective way to keep your car park safe and ran smoothly at all times.